GRIP after School Program

GRIP (Girls Realizing Increased Potential) is a healthy approach to helping girls stay in school. The community- based program promotes comprehensive sexuality education; prevent malaria, alcohol and substance abuse among young people. GRIP is an all-girls program that combines knowledge of adolescent development and other important life skills topics. Adolescent girls are invited (through parental consent) to engage in activities that focuses on fair play and having fun. In addition, adolescent girls participate in educational activities to improve their communication skills, confidence and knowledge of HIV, SGBV and other important life skills topics and sessions are led by a local female Coach.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is a central part of our girls’ education programs. Girls need to know the correct information about their bodies and their rights so they can make informed decisions and speak up in cases of sexual violence. Creating a safe space to talk about this possibly awkward or uncomfortable topic allows the girls to ask sensitive questions and for our nurse educator to dispel any commonly held myths and provide factual information.

Re-usable Sanitary Pads Program: Menstrual Hygiene Management- FIWG produces reusable sanitary pad in the FIWG Club space to tackle menstrual health and hygiene and its impact on girls’ ability to stay in school during “that time of the month”. It is now well known that menstruation is a barrier to girls’ education and overall health and well-being. In response to this pressing issue, we will teach the FIWG girls how to make sanitary pads for themselves.