AGYWL Program

Our Adolescent Girls and Young Women Leadership Programs (AGYWL)  are both in-school program and  out of–school program that focus on building adolescent girls’ capacities for individual empowerment and social survival especially in patriarchal environments that do not value and respect the rights of girls and women. FIWG-L tackles gender inequality head on to ensure that women and girls become advocates for their human rights and build their self-esteem and self-worth.

The program further provides knowledge and skills that empower girls and young women to detect and deal with children’s rights violations and provides them with critical thinking skills. The girls complete the program and graduate as role models and peer mentors in their school and home environments. Since 2016, over 115 school girls in the Duport road  and Brewerville communities have completed the AGYWL Training Program.

By supporting adolescent girls learning in a variety of life areas, we are building the next generation of confident women who will become leaders in their communities. 

FIWG-L addresses areas of education for girls that are missing from their regular schooling and everyday lives. Our program covers important life skills so girls gain the knowledge of their rights and confidence to demand their right to stay in school, reduce gender-based violence, and avoid early pregnancy and marriage. 

The 12 day program which is spread over 2 months covers the various topics including leaderships skills, encouraging dreams and goals settings, gender equality, SRH among others. We compliment the training program with other projects that ensure that each girl is prepared and has the tools to be a peer leader within her school and community.